Key Features:

SMART System Software: Below are some of the key features of our SMART System software .. There’s much more.

Auction Block:

  1. *Complete, customizable clerking system.

  2. *Easily handle multiple drafts and weigh-offs.

  3. *Interfaces with any electronic scale, weight is automatically read directly from the scale instrument.

  4. *Manual weight entry capability, if required.

  5. *Zero-balance reminder to keep you in compliance.

  6. *Auctioneer’s display shows head, weight, price per CWT and price per head.

Audience Displays: easily customizable and user-changeable.


  1. *Print checks and statements as soon as each lot is sold.

  2. *List sellers that are ready to print.

  3. *Easily split checks between sellers, whether they’re pro-rating by percentage, by transaction, or just enter the amounts directly. 

  4. *EFS lists (for most states) can be directly imported into the system, no need to look up liens separately.


  1. *Print Buyer Invoices quickly.

  2. *Easily move transactions between buyer numbers.

* Print Buyer Recaps for any number.

  1. *Buyer A/R

  2. *Add Buyer Commissions and print checks.

  3. *Fax invoices & recaps directly from the computer.

Check Register:

  1. *Check and Deposit Registers make reconciling your custodial account simple and easy.

  2. *Check Report searches by date, payee, and/or type of check.


  1. *Summary Report shows sale balance.

  2. *Discrepancy Report to make balancing your sale easy.

  3. *Market Report

Printers: Use economical-to-operate laser printers or standard dot-matrix printers.

Optional Features:

  1. *Video Log: Capture video and audio recordings of each transaction directly to the server.

  2. *Penner Station: Lets pens be assigned after the transaction is completed.

  3. *Internet Auction Integration: Draft information is transmitted directly to Internet Auction service, eliminating the need for a separate clerk for internet auction.

SMART System Hardware:

HP Enterprise Server: because you shouldn’t have to worry about your computer hardware, we install an HP Proliant Enterprise server.  Our servers include redundant hard disks, power supplies, and cooling fans to make them “fault-tolerant” and ensure that your system works when you need it to .. and stays working.

Linux Operating System: since security and stability are a must, we use the Linux operating system.  The Linux operating system was designed from the beginning for security and reliability, while including the familiar “point-and-click” user interface that you’re used to using.

HP Thin Client Workstations:  We use compact, efficient, and reliable HP Thin Clients for our workstations, eliminating maintenance headaches for you -- no software updates, no waiting for boot-up, and no moving parts to fail.

NEC Digital Signage Audience Displays: our Digital Signage Monitors give you large, clear scoreboards for your buyers and sellers with the same quality as our other equipment.


The SMART System